Emma Russell

First Aid Instructor

About Me

I'm a qualified First Aid Trainer and have 25 years First Aid Experience. My First Aid background is from 16 years in the Metropolitan Police where I often had to put the theory into practice when arriving first at a scene. I spent most of my Service in the Child Protection Team, and now hope to share advice on avoiding accidents and give confidence if ever faced with an emergency situation. 

More recently I have become a Mum and there's been a couple of times I've been glad of my first aid knowledge. The reality is not many of us would know what to do in an emergency, and when you are looking after children it's crucial to know some basics.

My Aim

My aim is to teach simple first aid skills which you will remember should you need them in an emergency. First Aid can be something which is easily forgotten, so we do lots of practice to help memorise the skills, and to build confidence. There are exercises to get you thinking about how you would deal with different emergencies and everyone gets to practice on the manikins. It’s a very informal learning atmosphere where everyone can ask all the questions they need to, to fully understand what to do if you needed to help a child in a emergency.

*First Aid Trainer and Assessor Certificate with Principal Training

I look forward to hearing from you. Please ring me on, 07946 391117, or email me here